Star2Star + 3zVC = Integrated, Affordable Communications

Partnering with Star2Star Communications provides the sustainability of a large company, so 3zVC can respond as a flexible, nimble small company. With just one initial call to us, you can expect:

  • Cost Savings. Cost-effective technology with up-front pricing and low monthly costs.
  • User-Friendly Technology. Just the right solution for your business: intuitive, easily understood, with expert training and rapid implementation.
  • Reliable Customer Service. No matter where the problem is, we take care of it with fast, friendly and knowledgeable phone consultations, service and repair. And we offer 24/7 for emergency repair service.
  • Quality Equipment. Name-brand equipment, reliable technology, excellent warranties.
  • Industry Leaders. 3zVC partners with Star2Star, a well known, industry-leading, and fast-growing company.
  • Disaster Recovery. Built into your solution architecture, ensuring complete business continuity.

Phone Solutions for Every Business Need, with Guaranteed Reliability

Backed by Star2Star, we are the only Internet phone solution vendor able to guarantee 99.9% reliability. True end-to-end, integrated solutions include:

  • StarSystem – Blended architecture puts resources where they make the most sense.
    • (PDF) Star2Star Company Brochure Overview of the Star2Star end-to-end solution
    • (PDF) Star2Star Multi-Location Operation Brochure explaining Star2Star’s unique line-pooling feature
    • (PDF) Star2Star System Architecture. This white paper explains how Star2Star’s unique blended architecture works
  • StarBox – Our super-reliable, solid-state, on-premise voice appliance. It provides all the features of an IP PBX system, as well as vital traffic shaping, quality monitoring and management functions.
    • Three StarBox models:Starbox Lite
      • StarBox 5500 (up to 500 local extensions)
      • StarBox 2250 (up to 250 local extensions)
      • StarBox Lite (up to 20 local extensions)
    • (PDF) StarBox Family Brochure describing the StarBox family of
      IP PBX Systems
  • Phones & Accessories – We offer a broad selection of desktop IP phones from Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink, as well as cordless phones from Panasonic. You can mix and match phones from all four manufacturers on the same Star2Star system.
    • (PDF) Star2Star Special Edition Cisco Phones Brochure describing our Cisco IP Telephones
    • (PDF) Star2Star Special Edition Polycom Phones Brochure describing our Polycom IP telephones
    • (PDF) Star2Star Special Edition Yealink Phones Brochure describing our Yealink IP telephones
    • (PDF) Phone Comparison Chart. Easily compare our wide range of desktop IP telephones


Star2Star Software – The Star2Star Application Framework is a powerful, robust application platform. It provides fast, efficient distribution of cloud-based software and data. The framework allows Star2Star to deliver application software—and the application’s associated data—to any PC or Mac, anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

  • StarPhone for iPhone – Star2Star’s StarPhone for iPhone combines a full-featured IP telephone application with advanced presence and voicemail tools. The result is an easy-to-use softphone that allows users to place and receive calls using your company’s Star2Star telephone system—wherever you are.
  • StarRecovery – Star2Star’s innovative Business Continuity Service
    • (PDF) StarRecovery Brochure
  • StarScope 2 – Star2Star’s next-generation unified communications tool
    • (PDF) StarScope2 Brochure
  • StarFax Personal – Reliable, cloud-based desktop faxing to your Star2Star system. StarFax Personal us­ers can send and receive high-quality faxes to and from their desktop or laptop computers, without making a printed copy, and without needing a fax machine.
    • (PDF) StarFax Personal Brochure